The Semi-Final


The course was built and groomed to perfection. I was honored to compete in the semi-final. Not all the girls from the qualifier advance into the semi-final. So I was stoked to continue riding on the Dew Tour course.

I was concentrated and I was feeling good. My first run flew to the bottom of the course with control and style. Or at least each maneuver I performed felt good. I over shot the top jump on my second run and fell. I was a little disappointed. However, I continued to ride the rest of the day with a bunch of awesome people. We had such a great afternoon.

This was my first contest of the year. It was great starting my season on 60-70 foot jumps. I plan on learning and progressing to become a better athlete and so I will make it into Dew Tour Finals next year. I am looking forward to snowboarding and training in Tahoe! There are more contests approaching. It’s going to be a fun year.

I can’t wait to see my family! And I can’t wait to make dozens of cookies!


1 comment
  1. Kristen S said:

    That’s awesome Julianne! I love your perspective… Merry Christmas to you and the family!! Miss you guys:)

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