Today was the Peanut Better and Rail Jam at Sierra-At-Tahoe. It was so great! This event is probably one of my favorites. Everyone is having fun and thriving on each other's energy. We were hiking queens by the end of the jam. Hiking is so good for you! We hiked up the hill many times and stomped many unbelievable maneuvers today! It was such fun! Great vibes all around! I ended up with 3rd place. However, I was not there for the ceremony. A best friend of mine was injured during the rail jam. I went with him to ski postal. It made me think of life. You have to be careful with what's most important to you. Or with what the center of your life is. Snowboarding can be taken away from you so easily. If snowboarding is the center of your life what happens when you can't do it any more? Life isn't about what you accomplish or do. It's about the people in your life and the relationships you have. Invest your time in other people not yourself. They will be there for you when you need them. If you don't care about your friends or the people in your life who will be there for you in the end? XOXO The snow is coming!

It's been great being able to enjoy both the Lake and Sierra-At-Tahoe. I could snowboard and Standup Paddle all in one day if I wanted! The water was beautiful this afternoon! I hope I will go Standup again soon. My mind set is just focused on snowboarding right now, so Standup Paddling doesn't cross my mind often. I was happy to change up my routine though. Standup Paddling keeps me strong so I can snowboarding to my limits! I love water and snow! XOXO


Sadly, there is still no snow in the forecast. However, Sierra-At-Tahoe's baby ninja park is awesome! Snowboarding has been so fun! Today I was practicing my cab 3s. They turned into cab 5s towards end of the day! My cab 5s are starting to feel good. When I learn something new, I like to do it over, and over, and over again till it feels solid. So if you only see me doing the same trick every time it's because I want to make it perfect! Perfect practice makes perfects. Pray for snow! XOXO

20111219-174728.jpg Time goes by too fast! I am excited to be home. But, I am really, really going to miss all the awesome people in Breckenridge. I am definitely coming back to visit! This trip was such a growing experience for me. It helped me grow in more than one way. I was so honored to be in the Dew Tour. It was a great competition! I'm looking forward to participating in more of these five star events. Flow Snowboards are giving me thier support this season. I am very grateful for them. My snow season is going to be traveling all over this winter. I am looking forward to it! It's going to be such fun!


20111220-004151.jpg Makay, Asher, Me, and Sage. We had the best time. Many memories were made! I'm really going to miss them.


The course was built and groomed to perfection. I was honored to compete in the semi-final. Not all the girls from the qualifier advance into the semi-final. So I was stoked to continue riding on the Dew Tour course.

I was concentrated and I was feeling good. My first run flew to the bottom of the course with control and style. Or at least each maneuver I performed felt good. I over shot the top jump on my second run and fell. I was a little disappointed. However, I continued to ride the rest of the day with a bunch of awesome people. We had such a great afternoon.

This was my first contest of the year. It was great starting my season on 60-70 foot jumps. I plan on learning and progressing to become a better athlete and so I will make it into Dew Tour Finals next year. I am looking forward to snowboarding and training in Tahoe! There are more contests approaching. It’s going to be a fun year.

I can’t wait to see my family! And I can’t wait to make dozens of cookies!



Practice went good. I did my best run on my last practice lap. When it was time for me to drop for my first qualifier run. I was not concentrated. When you're competing you have to pay attention to what you are doing. Actually, when you are riding you should always be aware and don't ever take what you're performing lightly. Most of the time when you compete you become more focused. However, I was not fully focused on my first run. I fell on the second jump. It is never good to pre spin. God is watching over me and I caught my breath and went back up to land my second qualifier run. I was so stoked to make it to the bottom of the course! Only the top 8 girl advance to Semi-Finals. I was on the "bubble" and almost did not advance. I couldn't believe I placed 8th. My run didn't feel worthy of top 10. I am stoked! And looking forward to competing in the Semi-Final. I also want to thank Jamie Anderson and Brooke Summers for supporting me at the top of the course! It was great having you there! XOXO


The snow was falling this morning during practice and the flakes continue to float down from the sky. The snow made the jumps a little slower, but I still made it past the nuckle. I did not do all the maneuvers I wanted to perform in practice. However, I am still confident. My goal for tomorrow is to ride my very best, enjoy being in the event and most of all have fun.

Time is passing by as fast as the wind can blow. I am so thankful to be out here and am honored to be a part of this event. I’m excited to fly off those jumps tomorrow. It will be awesome!

I will be wearing new 2012/2013 Betty Rides snow gear. It is so snazzy! I can’t wait to show it off. Thank you Betty rides! XOXO